Cool Nail Design

Monday, September 15th 2014. | Nail Designs
Cool nails design

Cool nails design

All the women in this world love to deck themselves up. And what can be more fashionable than having long nails that are developed and handcrafted in a beautiful manner? In fact, fresh nails design is one of the trendiest features of the fashion circuits today, and no make-up or make-over is complete if your nails are ugly, chipped, yellow, and unhealthy.

You should try to make your nails look awesome with the numerous patterns of nail design like flowers, fruits, animal prints, ice-cube designs, nature, cartoons, and love symbols. Nail art is a flourishing business as far as beauty industry is concerned, and the inclusion of cool nail designs will surely make you look most desirable in the eyes of your special man.

What are the products or the ingredients that are available in the market to make cool designer nails?

To get a smart look by flaunting your cool nails design, you have to follow certain simple steps. But you need some products to start the process of nail art. Nowadays, you can find nail art studios all across your city, but you have to plan your priorities and budget accordingly, to get good nail designs. You can also find useful tips and tricks regarding your nail online like this site.

You will require the following things in case you are doing the cool nail designs at home:

  • A primary color coat that you need to cover up your nails first.
  • A secondary top coat of nail varnish to apply over the base coat.
  • Bright and fluorescent colors of nail enamels.
  • Basic black and white acrylic paints.
  • A thin brush for nail polishing and painting.

What are the numerous nail designs that can be said to be ‘cool’?

Neat nails design can be available in animal prints like the skin color of a tiger or a leopard, or else, you can also try the three-dimensional models which have recently become popular. Floral textures have always been in demand, but the most daring girls can opt for the sex symbols or the love and kiss patterns of nail art.

How can you get the designer effect? Can you make cool nail art for the summer party or a cocktail dinner?

Neat nails design is easy to get even at home. Just have a glance how!

  • Apply a primary color coat in nude shade first, and then apply a secondary color coat twice or thrice on your nails. Let them dry entirely.
  • Apply a quick dry layer of acrylic paint. For instance, you can use variations of azure color, peacock-blue, Cobalt blue and Prussian blue to have a lovely effect on the nails. It will be good to see, and your hands will also be a good girl to hold.
  • Paint some black designs on the border.

So, here you are! Ready to rule the world with those fabulous talons!

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Cool nails design

Cool nails design

Cool nails design

Cool nails design

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cool nail polish designs

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