Easy and Cute Nail Designs

Friday, October 24th 2014. | Nail Designs
Easy and Cute Nail Designs

Easy and Cute Nail Designs

Nail art is something that most girls love. Though, a lot of them think that you need to be artistic to create fantastic nail art designs. Truth be told, even though creating nail art designs require a lot of patience, you don’t need to be artistic to decorate your nails. In fact, what you need are creativity and the right nail accessories to come up with beautiful nail designs that are truly eye-catching.

For beginners, they should experiment with easy and cute nail designs that don’t require much skill. This could range from stars, dots, and other flicks that are ideal for beginners. Likewise, before trying any nail art design, it’s important that your nails are free from oil and dirt.

Comfortable and cute nail designs are amongst the most prominent style trends these days, as well as nail painting is not that essential anymore. For generations, we have appreciated nails of the fingers and also toes repainted in single colors. The good news is, nowadays, you can acquire a range of devices that aid producing cute nail styles.

It is actually enjoyable having a pedicure as well as manicure matching the unique outfits to be utilized for unique events, like Xmas as well as other celebration that you could be expressing joy, which could be a uniquely personal event or holiday.
The choices are limitless, as well as the very best point is the reality that these may be transformed as often as you want and which include a style as well as the shade that is most suitable for the celebration.

Nowadays you could develop charming nail styles with the aid of airbrushing techniques, but bear in mind that you could develop original layouts for the toes as well as fingers nails that look initial efficiently, enabling you to demonstrate your creativity and personality.

Here are some of the easy and cute nail designs that you should definitely try.


Cool shapes nail art ideas are also cute and easy to do. Your base should be a light color, and you could paint different shapes on each of your nails. You could draw stars, circles, triangles, squares, etc. Your choices are endless.

Polka Dots

The dots are the easiest design that you could try. You could do white dots on a base coat black, or on white, you could do rainbow-colored dots. Likewise, you could paint various sizes of dots by using a single color to create an effect that you’re looking for.


Spiral designs would also look good on nails. You could use till as your base coat and paint spirals using a white nail polish. To make it chicer, at the end of the spirals, you could create three-petal flowers. Different colors could be applied as you create your spiral designs, but some of the best color combinations are a dark blue base coat with red spirals and sunshine yellow base coat with white spirals.


Flowers are also one of the easiest and cutest nail designs that even beginners could do.


In case that you don’t have a nail polish pen, just look for mini stickers of stars and put them on your nails over the base coat to have an instant nail art. Likewise, there is a lot of nail polish that already has some stars and other shapes in the polish itself. Thus, all you have to do to is paint your nails with it, and you’re all done.

Animal Prints

When it comes to nail art, stripes are very easy to do. You could do horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, or even wiggly stripes with ease. Also, you could keep the lines of one color, and you’ll be able to create a zebra-colored nail art.

More Ideas

Aside from the ideas mentioned above, there are a lot of easy and cute nail designs that you can try. You could split the nails diagonally and paint it using two different colors. Likewise, you could use a light gray color for the base coat and draw smiley faces on your nails, or use a black base coat and draw some stars, the moon, or other planets for a night theme.

Overall, these ideas aren’t just for your fingernails. You can also use them on your toes and make them look cuter.

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Easy and Cute Nail Designs

Easy and Cute Nail Designs

Easy and cute nail designs -  Toe nails

Easy and cute nail designs – Toenails

Easy and cute nail designs post and photos

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