Holiday Nail Designs Confidential

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Holiday Nail Designs

Holiday Nail Designs

The holidays are here, and everyone is streaming to the shopping mall to get something for themselves. The most common items that people are headed to buy are beauty products, clothing’s, and other electronics.

You might also consider some nail paints and accessories, which could go well with the holidays. Here are some great holiday nail designs that you would want to try out

1. Reindeer Paint
You could try considering the animals of the season, and apply the reindeer on your nails. This style is classy, and it is not such a difficult thing to do.

How To Do It

You will begin by applying the base coat on your nails.
When the coat is dry, spread on two gold nail polish coats, applying one after the other.

This reindeer is a stamp, which you may find in several stores that deal with nail design accessories. You will then cover the patch with red paint, then wipe off the excess polish from it.

Stick the stamp to your desired position, and complete with a coat when the nails are completely dry.

2. Candy Cane Cravings

With this design, you will be incorporating the candy colors, red and white in your nails. The style will come handy since you will expect to see several candies during this coming holiday.

How To Pull It Off

As usual, you will begin with the base coat, then apply two shiny red polish coats.
When the coat is partly dry, you will then make diagonal stripes on your nails using a nail art brush or pen. The thickness of the diagonal lines must vary.
When they are dry, you will finish with a top coat, to give it an excellent look.

3. Penguin Nails

This is another great idea for the holiday nail designs, and you might decide to take it to the south pole, and give this look a try. Here is how to accomplish it;
Apply a base coat, then two periwinkle nail polish coats, after they have dried.

When the coat is dry, you will apply another two coats of white nail paint, in a rectangular shape that is partly rounded. When you implement this, the periwinkle paint should appear as a border surrounding the white paint.
When it dries, you will make two tiny dots to make the eyes of the penguin, using a black nail pen.

Make larger dots to make the penguins feet and nose using a different nail pen.
When done, apply a top coat to cover the design.

4. The Pine

You might also decide to go with the winter tree and make fine prints on your nail.

Here is how to do it

Commence with a base coat, then apply two coats of gold nail polish that is textured. When they are dry, use a nail pen to make branches, beginning with the nail tips. The green pen must have varying shades. Ensure that you use each color separately, then let them dry.

When you are done with the branches, you will make a small dot on the nails using a brown polish. The brown makes will signify the pine cone, and when all is done, make black stripes on the pine cone, then complete with a top coat when all is dry.

When making your holiday nail designs, it is all about your creativity, and you need to be careful when working on your nails because a slight mistake will tamper with everything.

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Holiday Nail Designs

Holiday Nail Designs

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