How to Make Nail Stickers Easily

Monday, July 29th 2013. | Nail Care and Tips

Making your nails to be more beautiful is unlimited based on your necessity and your creativity. Creating nail art can be the simplest design of nail art until the most complicated design of nail art. There are also many methods and kinds of tools to make the nail art. You must be selective in choosing the suitable style for your nails. One of the simple ways to make your nails look more beautiful and stylish is by applying nail stickers. You can buy the available nail sticker or create it by yourself. There are the steps of how to make nail stickers.

Floral Nail Stickers

Here, you must prepare some equipment and the materials, such as clear nail polish, nail polish in your favorite colors, plastic bag, and scissor if you need. The first you must apply the nail polish on your nails for the base color. Then take the plastic bag and paint the area with clear nail polish. The second outline the picture after the base color is dried. You can create your favorite design to create your nail sticker. Then fill the inside picture with white color to make the color of the nail sticker stand out.

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Next step after coloring the inside with white color is coloring the inside of the design of nail sticker with your favorite colors. Here, you can create gradation effect to make your design unique. After all the colors dried perfectly, pick the design off the plastic and apply on your nail carefully. Do these steps until all your nails covered by your own nail sticker. The last step is adding the top coat by using clear nail polish and your nails look prettier, unique, and shiner.

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