Latest Nail Polish Trends 2013

Tuesday, July 30th 2013. | Nail Polish

Nail art trend always change every time like the alteration of the fashion. Like fashion the change of nail art is different from season to season. But, here you can choose the suitable nail art for your nails to make your appearance looks more beautiful. Nail polish is one of the tools to make the nail art. The color trend of nail polish also change based on the change of the nail art design. Nowadays, the popularity of nail polish is increased rapidly from year to year. Nail polish trends 2013 are different with the trends of previous years.

OPI Nail Polish Trends 2013

Nail polish trends 2013 are still based on the season in the world like the nail polish trends in previous years. Sometimes, the nail polish trends in summer are different with the nail polish trends in spring or the other seasons. But, you can use the nail polishes from these seasons to create your nail polish. In 2013 trends are popular in spring nail polish trends and summer nail polish trends. In each season have different trends of nail polish. You can choose the suitable for your appearance.

French Nail Polish Trends 2013

For spring nail polish trends you can choose these trends like pale nail polish that use plain color, white color, or just clear color. It can make your nails look natural. Then, the dark side trend that uses black color and it will give you elegant and romantic feeling. Flashes of metallic trend use gold, silver and cooper and make your nails look luxurious. Two tone manicures trend that use two color on the nails, like black and white or the other color. And the hottest nail polish trends for summer 2013 are nude polish, pastels, metallic flashes, coral, teal and turquoise, ombre nails and speckled nails. You can choose your favorite trends of nail polish freely.

Latest Nail Polish Trends 2013