Nail Stamping Designs Ideas

Monday, July 29th 2013. | Nail Designs

Creating nail art is unlimited based on the creativity of the nail art decorator or your creativity to create your own design of nail art. There are many designs are created and this is very popular. Creating nail art must use many tools based on the difficulties of the design. But there are many simple design of nail art that the women can create it by themselves at home. This nail art called nail stamping. This method uses nail stamp to crate the designs. This is very unique and simple. Your kids can use and apply this method on their house.

Pink Nail Stamping Design

Nail stamping becomes popular since the popularity of nail art increase many years ago but using stamp to create the nail art is a new method. You can get the stamp to stamp your nail in the nail art stores around you because this method is very popular. Here, you need the nail polish with your favorite colors, nail polish removal, and patterned iron plate to create the pattern. This is very simple to do so you can create it while enjoying your holiday.

Nail Stamping Art

First of all, you must color your nails with the base color to create the background of the nail stamping. Here, you can choose your favorite colors freely. Then, choose your favorite pattern on the iron plate. Next, you must spread the other color of nail polish onto the iron plate and you must make sure that your pattern that you have chosen is covered by the nail polish. Then use the stamp to copy the pattern from the iron plate onto your nails. Do it until all your nails are already covered by this nail art. And the last is use the clear gel nail polish to cover your nail art to make your nails become shining and beautiful.

Nail Stamping Ideas Pictures