Pink Cute Barbie Nails

Monday, July 22nd 2013. | Nail Designs

Creating nail art is one of the favorite activities from the women from the young until adult. There are many design of nail art that can increase the confident and the beauty of the women. This is one of the nail art designs that very popular among the young women and the kids. This nail art design is Barbie nails. Barbie is identical with the girls and kids. The kids and girls usually like Barbie very much. They usually have many collection of Barbie doll from the doll until the accessories about Barbie in their rooms. So, there are many girls and kids like creating nail art by choosing Barbie nails art design for their nails.

Pink Barbie Nails Design

Barbie usually uses pink colors with sparkle accessories or the other cute accessories. This design is suitable to apply on the nails as the nail art. Here, the girl need not create the Barbie face on their nail but they can draw the other design about Barbie but creating the design of the nail art is free based on the favorite design of Barbie nails. Having Barbie design on the nails will make you look cuter and more beautiful. Here, you can create the design of your nail art by your self or ask to someone expert to help you in creating the design to get the best result.

Cool Barbie Nails Design

Pretty Barbie Nail Ideas

Barbie nails usually use bright colors like pink, purple, red, white, and yellow as the base colors. You can combine the colors to get your favorite design. Here, you can use the other colors to complete your nail art like the gold or silver color when needed. To make your nails with Barbie design looks more interesting, you can add some accessories on your nails like ribbon in your favorite colors or the other accessories that can make your nails look prettier and cuter.