Toe Nail Art

Monday, August 12th 2013. | Nail Art Trends

Toe Nail Art:- It’s no secret that toe nail art is in the height of its popularity today since it consists of different decorative touches applied to a person’s toenails and make them look attractive. It is almost similar to manicure nail art, the only difference is their location, people can decorate their toenails at salons or with the use of home kits. Usually, home kits have either pre-decorated nail designs that a person would just need to glue on or a wide array of accessories to create nearly an endless range of designs. And with practice you can master the technique and maybe even come up with your own designs. But of course it would be best to start first with simple designs and eventually move on to harder ones.


It’s a fact that there are many easy toe nail design ideas today. Looking around the internet you can probably see every possible design out there. One of the most famous design is the polka dots because not only is it simple to do, it is very cool and pretty to look at. You would just have to paint your nails using any color and add contrasting colored dots by using a dotting tool or a tooth pick.


You can also do a half-moon or multi colored design for your toe nail art. Normally, you would just have to color your toenails either with a half-moon or with multi-colors and keep the other nails simple by using a single color or alternating the colors used on your toenails. Doing this designs will look chic and elegant that will make your feet very noticeable.


Apart from using nail polish, many people also use rhinestones to make cute toe nails. The most common shape people use are teardrops and round forms because they are very flexible in fashioning different designs. They usually attach to nails with glue or self-adhesive backing. Some people use stickers, a self-adhesive accessory that comes in different colors, styles and images that creates popular premade designs like stars and insects.


Using glitters and foils are also part in designing a toenail. Glitters are typically in different shapes, sizes and colors that you can either incorporate in the nail polish or dusted loosely on the wet nail surface throughout the whole process. Foils on the other hand are thin, decorated sheets applied to the nails using an adhesive, rubbed until it’s secure, trimmed and sealed afterwards.

Applying Toe Nail Art can be fun and easy to do especially to dry, clean and well-trimmed nails. And usually applying it to short nails is the best since they are not likely to rub inside socks or shoes and not ruin the design. It is also advisable to use toe separators if you are applying it at home to prevent them from rubbing with each other and spoil the design. Just remember that everything should start by applying a base coat to help the nail polish go on easy and should end with a top coat to seal it and protect it from scratches, chips and dings.